Focus Group - Faisalabad

16th August, 2023

On the 16th of August 2023, Team FEEROSA, conducted a focus group in Faisalabad – A city known for its industrial landscape rich in textiles and therefore earning the reputation of ‘Manchester of Pakistan’ for this semblance with the British textile hub. Comparatively younger than other large urban centers, Faisalabad is Pakistan’s third most populous city, located in one of the most fertile regions of the country and plays an important role in local farm produce distribution.  

Faisalabad Women Chamber of Commerce facilitated this focus group. Ten women entrepreneurs, representing diversity in the city’s female business community took the center stage in the Chamber’s meeting room. What made this focus group particularly notable was the variety in participants’ backgrounds, showcasing that women belonging to different socio-economic strata are actively contributing to the economic landscape of the city. The educational backgrounds of these women were equally diverse, emphasizing the need for flexible and adaptable training and support programs for women entrepreneurs. From those with basic education to those with advanced degrees, this group exemplified the broad spectrum of skills and knowledge that women bring to the entrepreneurial table.

The age range of the participants, spanning from 25 to 65 years, reflected the enduring spirit of women entrepreneurship across generations. This diversity in age brought forth a multitude of perspectives, experiences, and challenges that these women face in their entrepreneurial journeys. During the focus group, these ten women were interviewed extensively to gain insights into the unique challenges they encountered in their entrepreneurial journeys. Their stories and experiences shed light on the barriers and opportunities that exist for women in the business world, and informed FEEROSA’s efforts in developing a sustainable entrepreneurship ecosystem marked with targeted support and empowerment. This event marks a significant step towards a more inclusive and prosperous future for women entrepreneurs in Pakistan.